Installation Guide
Provides documentation for the system requirements and installation instructions for Antenna, Ground Kit, AICM, and so on.

Trouble Shooting Guide
Track down and resolve technical problems on Antenna and other KMW products.

Operating Guide and Software
Guide for how to set, configure, and operate KMW products. You can also access to download firmware and software for those.

Planet Data Files
Each antenna is supposed to have its own set of Planet data files. This page is set up for customers to easily find and download these data files as well as the data sheets. These downloadable files are for use in Planet® EV, the optimization platform for improving network efficiency.

Maintenance Guide
Easy to follow step by step procedure to check and maintain KMW products for optimum performance and condition.

RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization)
Open a trouble ticket and arrange to return a defective product for repair or replacement. You can also track the status of RMA here.